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    Not many people would disagree that the 1950s was the most glamorous period to be an air-hostess - a relatively new profession in an era between the war years of the 1940s and the social revolution of the 1960s.

    For the air-hostess this was the first time she would have a career outside the military, and see the world without having to resettle in another part of it.

    The work was hard and the hours long, but for a generation of girls who had lived through the war, this was nothing unusual. In fact, many of the first stewardesses were ex-military, and those who weren’t competed against many others girls from good families and schools for these prestigious positions.

    When Damien Gen decided to discover a historian who in turn would discover the missing ‘Dear Kitty Diaries’ of a certain Miss Jennifer Joyes (one of the infamous Airsupport Girls of the 1950s) he wasn’t sure what and whom his historian would uncover. All he knew was that in the 1950s the Airsupport Girls were as notorious as the airline founder’s grandfather was at London’s ‘Hell Fire Club’, but with a generous amount of glamour, style and well-read sophistication thrown in.

    Although a small amount was known about the Airsupport Girls, through Jen Joyes books, it was only after the discovery of the ‘Dear Kitty Diaries’ that a true insight was gained. As these valuable manuscripts are still being edited, we hope this site will give you a rough insight into some of the inspiring characters at ‘Airsupport International Airways’. In London society they were known as
    “Damien Gen’s International Bright Young Things”


    "Some events, were covered up by MI5"

    Mr William George 2005

    The Dear Kitty diaries

    "Once uncovered, It was hard to keep a lid on it".

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