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Jane Amos

Taken In Aden

"I'm no ordinary Nurse".

Jane Amos:
former Orthopaedics nurse and Arabic translator. she served in Aden at the military hospital. The only one of the original Airsupport girls not recruited by Sir Damien, but by Catherine De'lancey, as a much needed on-board nurse. Catherine was in Aden at the airfield finalising the agreement with the oil companies and the Army. Janes ability to speak Arabic helped ease the passage for the airline to pick up fuel at this British port protectorate.
Sir Damien often confused Jane with Catherine De'lancey and their likeness was often remarked upon in social circles.
Became a household name in 1956 after she and Katie Day lead over seventy passengers out of the desert after one of their Lockheed constellations was downed after leaving Aden.
Jane was also at the centre of Jen Joyes 1962 book “Taken In Aden”. In which she retells the kidnapping of Jane in 1955 from the Kaspair Hotel, Aden.

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