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Jen Joyes

"I'm only ninteen, well almost."

Harrow & Weldstone 1952

Jen Joyes:
later Known as JJ, she became one of the best known Airsupport Girls. She joined in 1952, after a chance encounter with Sir Damien Gen during a Horrific train crash at Harrow & Wealdstone Station in October of that year. Thanks to her first aid training at public school, she helped save the lives of many, Sir damien Gen’s amongst them. He was so impressed with her skills in first aid and in dealing with strangers (aged  just 19) that he offered her a job. This later turned into a famous career at his Airline, Airsupport International Airways, which was founded two years previously.

JJ Trained at Hern International airport, Bournemouth, and flew on the Lockheed Constellation.

Miss Joyes was also the author of many publications including "Taken in Aden" and the "Dear Kitty diaries"

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